Laying here all alone
Wondering what you're up to
why you don't call
Trying to push away reasons
just to understand
Contemplating about
the way you truly feel
Wishing you were next to me
so I'll know
My arms wrapped tightly around you
so you'll know
Giving the other
all of our love
Wanting never to leave
the comfort we hold
Being content
with everything accomplished
Knowing that what is
will only make us closer
Needing to pull you in
to the center of my heart
Praying that you will do
exactly the same
Pushing away all barriers
within our way
Making our love
the most it can be
Knowing I've completely fallen
into your arms
Hoping you
will only hold me tighter
Nearing my sleep
to dream of you
Falling into sin
with every thought
Visualizing every inch
of your face
Looking at the rugged manness
of your strong shoulders
Caressing you
with every feeling I hold
Making love with you
like I never have before
Making love to you
like I never wanted to before
Lying close
against your flesh
Flowing from my body to yours
the existence which I hold
Giving you
all that I know
Closing my eyes
and on to nirvana
Knowing in life
we really must wait
Knowing in my spiritual expanse
all that can happen shall
Wishing more than all
that I could've said


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