Once I was nothing but a little girl, shivering at the sight of my classmates.
Yes, I feared them. I felt like a weak, stunted seedling amidst tall, strong trees.
But time proved that those large trees weren't there to choke me up. Instead,
they helped me grow. In an institution with high ideals and expectations, they
made me excel. This is the poem I read during my graduation speech. This is
to thank them all for making a better me.

I longed to be heard
You turned to listen

I felt worthless
You treasured me

I thought I was incapable
You gave me a chance to prove what I can do

I was without talent
You called me gifted

I was trapped in a shell I built for myself
You set me free

I never knew I could do anything that counts
You believed in me

I thought I was limp
You made me fly

And so I did
And I soared high.

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