Ten Greatest Thinkers

Bugs Bunny
Showing what's possible when the laws of physics don't matter (I should probably have nominated the animation director, Chuck Jones, but I thought that naming the rabbit would be more in the spirit of going beyond the physical world).

Vannevar Bush

Invented the foundation for the Web in 1945 and founded much of the early thinking about human-centered computing.

Winston Churchill

Motivated the British to keep going while the rest of Europe was occupied by Nazis, thus probably saving the world.

Le Corbusier
Promoted functional architecture and the slogan that "a house is a machine for living in."

Albert Einstein
How can you have a list of Big Thinkers without the century's most famous scientist? He was really, really smart.

Sergey Eisenstein
Pioneer of the new narrative language needed for motion pictures. The Web should learn from people like Eisenstein: he didn't just put a camera in the first row of a theater to film a play.

Akira Kurosawa
Created Rashomon - the most famous work of non-linear thinking before the Web.

Ted Nelson
Pioneering and vocal advocate of users' right to simple computers that everybody can figure out and use as a communications medium rather than a glorified calculator.

George Orwell
Maybe the century's most compelling writer, though we still haven't accepted his warnings against the Big Brother society.

Alan Turing
Invented the Turing machine and the Turing test - who else has two of the most important ideas of computer science named after them?

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