Nick's letter to Lexi


You described that night as something coming close to the one at
Champ's. Don"t you realise that drawing that conclusion of similarity
only serves to show how self-centred a person you are today?

You promoted the "lack of respect" on my part. Are you still that
insecure to go begging for respect? The motivating force behind my
aggression that night was contempt. Do understand that respect doesn't
have a part in the Lexi/Nick lexicon today. So as long as you cling to
the values & persona you're so besotted with today, contempt is the only
thing you deserve. This contempt is what you created ... so please don't
expect respect. You're one heartless, cold bitch today. And you know
that! But I'll grant you this though ... at least you had the decency
when you admitted to this.

What have you done the last 6 months to deserve respect? You are so
consumed with yourself these days that you selfishly demand that
you be placed in favourable/beneficial light regardless of the issues
and stakes at hand. Can you be that self-centred and pathetic to still
demand respect in spite of all that you've done the last several months?
You want me to show you respect when you so conduct yourself in such
a whorish fashion with my friends? Get real, Lexi!

You have said that you have learned from the death of Misty. Frankly, I
don"t see it. You're still the same "holier-than-thou" person willing to
risk everything to boost/support your insecurity and warped sense of

And this crusade of intellectual parity you seek ...

Lexi, I am not putting you down. I am proud of what you have achieved
with your career. There is no denying this. But don't let it get into
your head till you become so sanctimonious with illusions of grandeur.
Other than the requirements of your industry, accept the fact that
you're still ignorant and naive in many areas. There is nothing wrong
in that! But please, don't over extend yourself ... learn to use
indefinite terms like 'possibly', 'maybe', 'perhaps, 'in all
likelihood', 'could', etc. in conversation when in doubt.

Using the basis of an occupancy rate of a single hotel to dismiss a
country's recession only exposes your inadequacy & lack of
understanding and makes you come out sounding like a fool. In denial,
you will probably say that others don't look upon you as one in such
circumstances. Have that comfort only if you have also developed the
ability to read minds in addition to your self-perceived vision of
heightened cranial power to disseminate information. Alternatively,
realise that guys are more patient with a pretty face, especially when a
hidden agenda is at stake.

My stand is very clear. The acceptance of the demise of the marriage has
been made ... any civility can only come after you rid yourself of our
past and the new found attitudes you so tenaciously cling to. Do
recognise that these traits are bad, Lex. Learn from mistakes ... do not
degenerate. Be the better person than what you are today. It's not for
me ... I am over and out of your life. Do it for yourself.


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