The Smile Story

LEXI, an unhappy woman of substance, sits impatiently on a bus stop bench. MICHAEL, a (great looking, well built, bald) homeless guy, sits down next to her with a big smile on his face.

LEXI: What are you smiling for?

MICHAEL: It's what I do.

LEXI: I won't ask.

MICHAEL: I sell smiles for a living.

LEXI: I'm not interested.

MICHAEL: Here, have a free one - on me. (He smiles at her.)

LEXI: No thank you.

MICHAEL: Sorry, can't take it back. You'll have to give it to someone else.

LEXI: What?

MICHAEL: The smile. You'll have to give it away if you don't want it. Or sell it if you like - apparently it hasn't been used much.

LEXI: What do you mean by that?

MICHAEL: You don't smile very often, do you?

LEXI: So what if I don't?

MICHAEL: Shouldn't waste your smile...there's plenty of people who could use one.

LEXI: Well they can have mine.

MICHAEL: Your what?

LEXI: My smile.

MICHAEL: I don't see one.

LEXI: I thought you just gave me one.

MICHAEL: I tried, but it didn't stick. I think it bounced right off.

LEXI: Fine. What's there to smile about anyway?


LEXI: You don't have to answer that.

MICHAEL: There's lots of things to smile about. It's a beautiful day outside; the buses are running on time--

LEXI: I don't want to hear about it.

MICHAEL: --and look at that flower over there, now that would make anybody smile--

LEXI: Would you leave me alone!(a long moment of silence. Finally, she gives in.)

LEXI: So what's the going rate on smiles these days?

MICHAEL: Pardon me?

LEXI: Your much are they?

MICHAEL: Oh, they're very expensive.

LEXI: So's my taste.

MICHAEL: You probably couldn't afford one.

LEXI: Try me.

MICHAEL: I'm'll cost you.

LEXI: Yes, I know, HOW MUCH?

MICHAEL: One smile.

LEXI: One smile?

MICHAEL: That's how much they cost.

LEXI: What?

MICHAEL: The price for a smile is exactly one smile. That's the going rate. (She thinks about it)

LEXI: Alright. (smiles) I'll take one.

MICHAEL: It was a pleasure doing business with you.(he leaves)(Daisy, a streetwalker, sits down next to her.)

DAISY: What's with the smile?

LEXI: I sell smiles for a living.

This Story is to remind you to always smile and be cheerful! It makes people happy! Keep on smiling!


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