Collected here are prose and poetry about Beauty,Love Romance Life These passages are beautiful.  Read them again and again, seeking their wisdom, their joy, their passion, and their beauty.

Poetry is the most encompassing of all of our endeavors, for in its carefully charted verses are all of the plots and courses of our great journey.   Our passions, our joys, our sorrows, our loves and pains, our idle trifles and our most sublime understandings are ruled in poetry's lines of thought, straits of reason, and seas of emotion.   It is our most expressive artifice, constructed with great effort to flow effortlessly, crafted with perfect care to provoke carelessly, composed of feet and figures to embody in words our most abstract ideas and tender feelings.   It is all that we are and all that we dream to be.

This site is not intended to be comprehensive, but instead unique and intimate.   If you enjoy what you find here, please help me expand.   Share with me, the poems, prose and art that inspire you to laugh and cry, to romance and share, to work, to play, to seek and to live.

I created this site for two reasons primarily.  First, I believe the Internet represents the first time in history that every ordinary person can contribute their voice to society.    I wanted my site to be a message to others to look for beauty in the world around us.   We have no shortage of DESPAIR! Indeed, our media is structured to feed it to us.   I  wanted my site to be an exploration of the ways we express Love and Beauty.    I hope by reading what you find on my site, by thinking about why these authors wrote as they did, by wondering what it is that they were trying to say, you will be able to discover how to express the love and beauty in you.

I hope you will take the time to read the extraordinary fairy tale of how Mendelssohn won the heart of the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.  Follow this link to read my Statement of Faith.

If you are an intelligent, witty, honest, sensitive, humourous, compassionate man with integrity and who values life and loves children, of quality and substance in heart, mind, body, and soul ... come share with me and teach me your elusive grace and graciousness ...

Beauty and Love in Poetry
Beauty and Love in Poetry

Beauty and Love in Prose
Beauty and Love in Letters
Beauty and Love in Loss
Beauty and Love in the Vernacular
Beauty and Love Quotes

Four of my favourite Poems (Mario Benedetti and Gustavo Adolfo Becquer)
Three of my favourite Sunsets photos (St. Joseph Michigan)
Nick's Poetry
Tom's Poetry
More Poetry
The Smile Story

Picture Pages
On Sailing (with Pictures)
Tom, my first love
Nick, my second love
Amalfi Coast


Creativity & Musings
Synopsis of book in progress
About the Deaf Culture

Butterfly Kisses
Priceless Wisdom

The Quotable Saint-Exupery (author of The Little Prince)

Wuthering Height's Page

10 Greatest Thinkers of the 20th Century

Would the author of "HEAVEN" kindly contact me!

Lexi's Favourite JOKES
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Dick Pictures

Prisoners from OZ...

Jake and his company Intuitive Technologies


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